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    Many moons ago (about 600 odd) a few teenagers got together and formed a band. Originally called "The Sensations" (no room for modesty in those days!) and later "Impact" they played many gigs in the North London and Hertfordshire area.

    The original 1965 line up, seen here, underwent many changes over the years. Some members went on to other bands such as "The Art Movement" and Brian and David started a production company -" Goliath Productions", which became "Amazing Dog", working with "Jailbait" and "Muffin" amongst others.

    Throughout this long and varied history, two figures remained constant - Brian Freshwater and David Jeavons. In early 2014 Brian and David tracked down many previous members of these bands and organised a reunion dinner, which was attended by many and was a great success.

    David Jeavons was inspired by the enthusiasm shown, picked up his fabled 3 string guitar and, after a gap of many years, started writing songs again. In October David and five members of bands from various eras got together and practised, and recorded 3 of David's new songs. The results can be heard by clicking the buttons on the right



    Various Artists - 50 Years On

  •            A Fine Time © D Jeavons       
  •      Fate's Last Laugh © D Jeavons    
  •  I Could See It Coming © D Jeavons